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Fantastyczny Kraków - Imladris 2014


Fantastyczny Kraków – Imladris 2014

Redakcja lubi konwenty. Redakcja jeździ na konwenty, gdy tylko może…


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"Whomanistki są najlepsze" awww, jak miło :) #whomen

clara’s speech requested by anonymous


The varying wavelengths of different colors


The varying wavelengths of different colors


Peter and Loki trying to use each other’s powers - Ultimate Spider-Man 3x01


My new film is a romantic comedy called What If. And so in the spirit of all things vaguely romantic and totally cheesy, we thought we would talk to you about some terrible chat-up lines x 
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I was watching the Avengers when...
  • mom:

    is it even legal to have six Marvel characters in the same film?

  • me:

    duh, it's in the Constitution

  • mom:

    lol, where does it say that?

  • me:



Stop Victim Blaming campaign poster series.

I don’t think people love me. They love versions of me I have spun for them, versions of me they have construed in their minds. The easy versions of me, the easy parts of me to love.
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I like to think about the first law of thermodynamics, that no energy in the universe is created and none is destroyed. That means that every bit of energy inside us, every particle will go on to be a part of something else, maybe live as a dragonfish, a microbe, maybe burn in a supernova 10 billion years from now. And every part of us now was once a part of some other thing - a moon, a storm cloud, a mammoth. Thousands and thousand of other beautiful things that were just as terrified to die as we are.
Jemma Simmons, Agents of SHIELD (via the-alienated)



These are very clever, I really enjoyed them.

Omg the mythology one

  • guys:

    uh why do girls care so much about being skinny? it's so annoying

  • guys:

    ew fat chicks

  • guys:

    why do girls care so much about shopping and romance and nail polish lol so annoying

  • guys:

    ew crazy butch lesbian manly feminazis why can't they act more feminine lol

  • guys:

    why do girls wear makeup they look so much better without it

  • guys:

    oh i'm so sorry are you sick? tired? dying?

  • guys:

    haha girls suck at math/science/sports

  • guys:

    a girl who does math/science/sports? well? get back in the kitchen that shits not gonna get you a husband

  • guys:

    why are girls so sensitive when we look at their boobs or something c'mon with that top you're asking for it

  • guys:

    oh my god a gay guy just hit on me how fucking disgusting what a creeper doesn't he have any boundaries?


You have replaced every piece of yourself. Mechanic or organic. Time and time again. There’s not a trace of the original you left.

my favorite part of this episode